Wednesday, February 27, 2013

This shit is EASY

This will be part 1 of a (likely to be…) many part series, dedicated to simplifying the process of becoming a stronger, leaner, much-more-badass version of yourself.

…And by easy, I most assuredly mean, not complicated.

·         Lift weights (progressively)
·         Eat healthy foods with an emphasis on animal protein
·         Get adequate rest
·         Repeat

Of course, you can delve much deeper into those topics, which is something I plan to do in future posts of this series, but for now I’d like to stick with a big-picture view.

One thing that I don’t believe people realize is the degree of control they have over their body. By manipulation of a few very simple variables, combined with dedication and consistency ANYONE out there can literally transform the way they look, feel and perform. Of course, it’s the dedication & consistency part that royally curb-stomps most people, because they have none to speak of. Laziness is rampant along with obesity.

As a side note on obesity, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, people please do SOMETHING.
One less cheeseburger, One more lap around the grocery-store WITHOUT the motorized scooter. Start SOMEWHERE. Make changes. Improve yourself.

Back to the topic at hand, you have all the tools you need, majority of which are in your mind. The key is to educate yourself, choose a goal and pursue it relentlessly. Some days you will be beat down and unmotivated, some days you will hit road blocks. Some days will feel like the best days of your god-damn life and you will bathe in the light that the gods have cast upon you. You must take the good with the bad. This is the life of a weightlifter.

In the upcoming parts of this series I will outline specifics in diet & training that have worked well for me, some motivational stuff about the lifters of bygone eras and maybe even a post about my progress over the last 5+ years of training.

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