Monday, March 31, 2014

Training Log - 3/31/14

Flat Bench (Paused)
20kg x20
80 x5
90 x4
100 x3
110 x2
120 x1  
125 x1 (smoked this)
130 3x1 (smooth singles)

Flat Db Bench
80lb 3x15

Band Good Morning

Straight-Leg Deadlift 'Hospital Reps'
70kg 3x15  (these are tougher than they seem, erector pumps)

Band Good Morning 

Pendlay Row
70kg 3x6    (super strict)
50kg 3x12   (same with these, feeling the muskels)

Rope Hammer Curl
15kg x40+5,5,5  (rest-paused)

Good Bench work today. Had a fun workout. 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Training Log - 3/30/14

BTN Press (each rep dead-stopped on the traps) 
20kg x10
40 x10
50 x10
60 x10
70 x5
80 x2
90 xF (not today)
40 x20 (continuous reps)

Band Good Morning

Back Squat
80kg x5
100 x4
120 x3
140 x2
160 x1
143 x10 (Big PR!)
120 x10

Band Good Morning

25kg 5x25

Barbell Kurl
40kg 3x6
20kg x20

Great session today. Really happy with the squat PR, kinda came outta nowhere. Definitely didn't see it coming. But, I'll take them as they come!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Training Log - 3/29/14 w/ Food Porn

Bw x20,10
Bw+25kg x10
Bw+55kg x9 (Fucking almost 10. Still, I think this is a big PR haha)
Bw+25kg x15
Bw x40  (Repzzzz)

Band Good morning 

SLDL (dead-stopped, on the rep sets)
120kg x1
140 x1
160 x1
180 x1
160 x5
140 x8
120 x10

Band Good Morning
1x45   (Killer erector pumpz)

Bw x5
Bw+20kg x5
Bw x10
Single-arm Lat-Pulldowns
20kg x20,15,15
BTN Lat-Pulldowns 
30kg x45

Ab wheel

And since I haven't done so in a while... A food pic. This was the post-workout meal today. Grass-fed beef T-Bone steak, potato, peas, beans, roasted cauliflower and some red wine. Delicious. 

Friday, March 28, 2014

Relationship with Free Weights

Free weights with their interchangeable plates are such a tool. Their parsimony of form reflects their elemental purpose. One enters into a relationship of ancient simplicity with these weights that are so aptly called "free". You pit yourself against the bar with direct and single-minded aggression. When a man met his foe in single-handed combat, he also met the current measure of himself. In the same way, you have a measure of yourself each and every time you lift real weights, dependent on that combination of mental, physical and spiritual energy levels you rise or fall to on that particular occasion. Again, you can't put your foot in the same river or lift the same weights twice. -Thomas Foote

Training Log - 3/28/14

20kg x20
50 x5
60 x4
70 x3
80 x2
90 x1 
80 x6
55 3x10

Band Good Morning

Paused Back Squat 
(5secs in the hole, each rep)
50kg x5
70 x5
100 x5
120 x5
Back Squat 
(No pauses)
130kg x5
100 x12

Band Good Morning

Db Row
(Unsupported, +Straps)
80lb x20,15,12,10

Fat Db Concentration Kurl
22.5lb x20

Training Log - 3/27/14

20kg x20
60 x10
100 x10
115 x5
80 3x12

Band Good Morning

Deficit (on 25kg plate) SLDL, reps Deadstopped
70kg x5
100 x8
120 x6
140 x4
160 x2
100 x15

Band Good Morning

T-bar rows
30kg x20
40 x15
50 x12
70 x10
40 x25

Rope hammer curls
20kg 2x 20,15

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Training Log - Lower/Upper - Cycle 3

Monday 3/10 - Lower-Body A 
Deadlift 3x5 @ 167kg
Back Squat 4x10 @ 90kg
Ab Wheel 3x12 @ Bw+5kg

Tuesday 3/11 - Upper-Body A 
Bench Press 3x5 @ 112kg Volume PR
Pendlay Row 4x6 @ 62.5kg
BTN Press 3x10 @ 50kg
Chins 3x10 @ bodyweight
Rope Hammer-Curl: 2x10 @ 25kg

Wednesday 3/12 - Lower-Body B 
Squat 3x5 @ 152kg Volume PR
Deadlift 3x10 @ 100kg
Ab Wheel 3x 20, 15, 12

Friday 3/14 - Upper-Body B 
OH Press 3x5 @ 80kg
Chins 3x5 @ Bw+17kg
Dips 3x10 @ Bw+22kg
Db Row 3x12 @ 80lb
BB Curl 2x12 @ 30kg

Nothing Terribly exciting. Working toward some PRs in all my main lifts. Just a few weeks out...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Training Log - Lower/Upper - Cycle 2

Tuesday 3/4 - Lower-Body A 
Deadlift 3x5 @ 165kg
Back Squat 3x10 @ 90kg
Ab Wheel 3x15

Thursday 3/6 - Upper-Body A 
Bench Press 5x5 @ 110kg
Pendlay Row 5x5 @ 60kg
BTN Press 5x10 @ 45kg
Chins 5x10 @ bodyweight
Rope Hammer-Curl: 2x10 @ 25kg

Friday 3/7 - Lower-Body B 
Squat: 5x5 @ 150kg Volume PR
Deadlift: 5x10 @ 102kg
Ab Wheel: 3x 20, 15, 10

Saturday 3/8 - Upper-Body B 
OH Press: 3x5 @ 78kg
Chins: 3x5 @ Bw+17kg
Dips: 5x10 @ Bw+20kg
Db Row: 5x10 @ 80lb

Things are going really well and I'm starting to find the groove of this program. Taking the progression slowly, working toward new PR territory. I've already reached new ground on Squats and I'm a few weeks out from doing so on OH Press, Bench & deads. Good things coming!

Diet has been askew for a bit, but Im getting things back together. I'll be throwing an update on the blog in the near future. I'll have to video future PRs also.  

Monday, March 3, 2014

Training Log - Lower/Upper - Cycle 1

Thursday 2/27  - Lower-Body A
Deadlift: 3x5 @ 165kg
B.Squat:  3x10 @ 90kg 
Leg Curl: 3x12 @ 22.5kg

Friday 2/28  - Upper-Body A
Dips: 3x5 @ Bw+45kg
Db Row: 4x10 @ 80lb
BTN Press (light): 3x10 @ 40kg
Single-Arm Pulldown: 3x10 @ 22.5kg
Tricep Pushdown: 2x15 @ 25kg
Rope Hammer-Curl: 2x15,13 @ 25kg

Sunday 3/2  - Lower-Body B
Squat: 3x5 @ 150kg 
Deadlift: 3x10 @ 101kg
Band Goodmorning: 3x15

Monday 3/3  - Upper-Body B
OH Press: 5x5 @ 76kg
Chins: 5x5 @ Bw+15kg
Flat Db Press: 3x11 @ 80lb
Single-Arm Row: 3x12 @ 27.5kg
Reverse Tricep Pushdown: 2x15 @ 25kg
Db Curl: 2x12 @ 32.5lb

Revamped Training... Again

After going over some short and long-term goals with my training partner and discussing recent changes made to the training schedule, we've settled on an Upper/Lower Split. 

The basic cycle is Lower / Upper / Rest-day / Repeat, with two variations of each day ('A' workout & 'B' workout)

Regarding Deloads; they will be done for one Lower/Upper/Rest cycle (3days) every 2-4 weeks. I haven't been very good with incorporating deloads in the past, so I'm going to see how It works out. 

Lower-Body A
Deadlift: 3-5 x 5
Squat (Light): 3-5 x 10
Leg Curl: 3 x 12

Upper-Body A
Dips: 3-5 x 5
Db Row: 3-5 x 10
BTN Press: 3-5 x 8
Single-Arm Pulldown: 3-5 x 10
(optional) Face-pull / Arms: 2 x 12

Rest Day

Lower-Body B
Squat: 3-5 x 5
Deadlift: (Light) 3-5 x 10
Band Good morning: 3 x 15+

Upper-Body B
O.H. Press: 3-5 x 5
Chins: 5 x 5
Flat Db Press: 3-5 x 10+
Single-Arm Row: 3-5 x 10
(optional) Face-pull / Arms: 2 x 12

Rest Day