Monday, March 31, 2014

Training Log - 3/31/14

Flat Bench (Paused)
20kg x20
80 x5
90 x4
100 x3
110 x2
120 x1  
125 x1 (smoked this)
130 3x1 (smooth singles)

Flat Db Bench
80lb 3x15

Band Good Morning

Straight-Leg Deadlift 'Hospital Reps'
70kg 3x15  (these are tougher than they seem, erector pumps)

Band Good Morning 

Pendlay Row
70kg 3x6    (super strict)
50kg 3x12   (same with these, feeling the muskels)

Rope Hammer Curl
15kg x40+5,5,5  (rest-paused)

Good Bench work today. Had a fun workout. 

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