Sunday, March 30, 2014

Training Log - 3/30/14

BTN Press (each rep dead-stopped on the traps) 
20kg x10
40 x10
50 x10
60 x10
70 x5
80 x2
90 xF (not today)
40 x20 (continuous reps)

Band Good Morning

Back Squat
80kg x5
100 x4
120 x3
140 x2
160 x1
143 x10 (Big PR!)
120 x10

Band Good Morning

25kg 5x25

Barbell Kurl
40kg 3x6
20kg x20

Great session today. Really happy with the squat PR, kinda came outta nowhere. Definitely didn't see it coming. But, I'll take them as they come!

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