Monday, February 17, 2014

Diet Update, Back on track!

Diet has been running something like 6 weeks now, average bodyweight is down about 5-1/2 to 6-1/2lbs from the start. For the next week I'm going to be having a break from the diet, eating maintenance calories.

Current running average is 189.5lbs. 

morning weight on this day was 188.4lbs.
data from Libra

Quick run-down of the diet of the last 6-weeks (which I really simplified this time around), in bullet-point format;
  • 2500kcals daily 
  • Zero Cardio
  • Zero Food Weighing
  • No strict Macro requirements except for protein, around 1g/lb LBM
  • 1 refeed day per week, around 500-600g Carbs
  • Still eating according to BioRhythm principles
This has been simple and effective, as evidenced in the weight trend line above. Moral of the story here is not to let fat-loss dieting be an excuse to develop OCD-type behavior. Trust me, I've fell victim to this in the past. Its no fun and can be a bitch of a habit to break. Glad I'm finally over that hurdle. 

Training is also going very well despite the fat-loss diet. Currently Pushing for 5RM PRs in the Squat and Press. But I'll make a separate post to go over training details. 


  1. Great to see you blogging again regularly, dude!

    How many cho roughly on the 2500cal diet there? Just thinking - 500-600g re-feeds are quite huge, yet progress is still ticking along perfectly it would seem.

    Re, no weighing foods - is this the same thing every day? Or do you simply eye-ball now?

    Are you enjoying the upper/lower too? This would be the first sign of actual 'chest' training for a while, yes? Hope all is well!

    1. Thanks, man. On average I would say 250 - 300g CHO.

      I dont eat the same thing everyday. I'm just much more flexible and eyeball most foods, or simply use a measuring cup when I can.

      Upper/Lower is going great! Im back to training flat bench and just a few weeks out from PR territory.

  2. Nice work. Am implementing the bio-rhythm diet myself and finding initial success though am not sure what level of carbs to typically eat on non training days. Thoughts? Thanks

  3. Start with half of your intake on training days, or around 1g/lb bw, and adjust from there.

    Its goal dependant, really. good luck!

  4. Thanks. The Bio Rhythm diet is significantly higher carb than I am used to but I realized I need more carbs to support good training.

  5. Glad you realized it. Too many people caught up in the low carb dogma.