Tuesday, July 23, 2013

BioRhythm Meal Template

Dominik from naturtraining.net asked for a meal template that I would use on the BioRhythm Diet. So here is what a general training day could look like for a 175 - 195lb (80-90kg) male;

6 Omega-3 eggs
1 serving Carbs*
+ Non-Starchy Veggies

8oz / 225g Red Meat or Oily Fish
1 serving Carbs*
1 Tbsp Healthy Oil
+ Non-Starchy Veggies

WORKOUT: 10g BCAA Drink (optional)

Meal 3:
15-30g Whey Protein
1 Cup / 226g Cottage Cheese
2+ serving Carbs*
+ 5-10g Fats (optional)

Meal 4:
8oz / 225g Lean Meat (cooked)
3+ serving Carbs*
+ Veggies

*Carb Servings
~ Half-cup / 40g Oats (dry)
~ 1 Packet / 28g Grits (dry)
~ 150g Potato (raw)
~ Half-cup / 90g Rice (cooked)
~ 1 Large Banana
~ 1 Large Apple
~ 1 Cup Berries

Protein / Carb servings can be adjusted up or down to suit individual needs. Preferentially you would limit meal #1 & #2 to 1 serving of carbs (or less), while placing the majority of the carbs at meals #3 & #4.

The template could also be used for non-training days, simply by removing the BCAA & Whey as well as reducing some of the carbs at meal 3.

Hope this helps you out, Dominik!

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  1. Great post Joe, this helps out a lot. The biorythm diet makes lots of sense and you can enjoy eating this way, which is a really nice thing!

    Thanks bro!