Monday, July 15, 2013

Training Log - Full Body A

Strict Press
70kg - 3 sets x7,7,6

Flat Db Bench

80lb - 3 sets x11,10,10

Bw +20kg - 3 sets x7,7,6

Db Row
80lb - 3 sets x12,11,11

Back Squat
95kg - 1 set x20

80kg - 3 sets x10

207.5kg - 2 sets x20

Morning Bodyweight - 84kg

Great training today. Reps added on Press (2), Flat Bench (1) & Pull-ups (1). Added 2.5kg to the 1x20 Back Squat. Kept up a solid pace throughout the entire workout, with the entire session coming in under 75 minutes, including warm-ups. 

Making fast improvements in the conditioning department, due to the higher training density in these sessions. 

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