Monday, July 8, 2013

Training Log - Full Body B

Incline Bench
82.5kg - 3 sets x5

BTN Press
60kg - 3 sets x9,8,8

Bw +5kg - 3 sets x11,10,10

Db Row
80lb - 3 sets x11

Back Squat
92.5kg - 1 set x20

130kg - 3 sets x7

207.5kg - 2 sets x20

Morning Bodyweight - 83.5kg

Back from vacation and picking up right where I left off. Added reps/kg's across the board compared to last pass on this workout. None of these sets are really killer right now, setting myself up for some solid progression in the coming weeks/months. 

As far as body-comp goes, my goals are still the same as I stated a while back; maintain a bodyweight range of 82 - 84kg (180-185lb) for a few months. Using some calorie / macro cycling i'll be able to achieve gradual recomposition along with strength gains. The key to this is being both steadfast and patient. 

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