Thursday, April 25, 2013

Training Log - Session #1

Back Squat
140kg – 5x5

Strict Press
80kg – x5,4
85kg – x3,2,2
93.5kg – x1,1,X,X

Glute-Ham Raise
Bodyweight - 3x12

Bodyweight - 84.25kg

Back Squats have been reset to 5x5 due to stagnation on the previous protocol. Also, decided to be very strict on my Press technique from now on. Each rep started from a dead-stop in the rack position and 3 second hold overhead, at the top of every rep. This was markedly more difficult and drained me quickly, as you can tell by the reduced reps and the misses. Building my strength/reps back up using this sort of technique will no-doubt be beneficial. 

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