Monday, April 29, 2013

Training Log - Session #4


BTN Strict Press
70kg – 2x5
80kg – 2x3
85kg – x1
87.5kg – x1
85kg – x1

BTN Push Press
90kg – x2
95kg – x2
100kg – x1

Ring Dips
Bodyweight x10
Bodyweight +20kg – 5x7
Bodyweight x10

Bodyweight – 85kg

BTN Presses were done with a 3 sec pause with the weight overhead on each rep. Triceps felt pretty fatigued from yesterday’s workout, although this session ended up being decent. Just putting in the work, really. Still suck at push presses.
Bodyweight has been fluctuating around 82-85kg, with noticeable reductions in bodyfat each week, while strength is increasing in most all of my lifts. Gonna try like hell to keep this progress rolling.

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