Friday, June 14, 2013

Physique Update, Food P0rn & Training Log - Chins & Presses

Chins / Pull-ups

Bodyweight - 2 sets x10
Bodyweight+27.5kg - 3 sets x4  

Strict Press

83.5kg - 3 sets x4 


Bodyweight+20kg - 3 sets x9,8,8

Morning Bodyweight - 83kg

Not a bad look considering the binge I had yesterday.
 Approx 2500kcal 
surplus comprised mostly of peanut butter.
What a mess that was. 

Delicious supper this evening. Roast Beef & Mashed Potato w/ Peas

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  1. Nice. Always appreciate a bit of food porn, especially since I just finished a 3 week PSMF :)

    We've all been there with the PB. Just rediscovered Nutella, so having to be *very* careful, lol.