Friday, June 21, 2013

Training Log - Squats (alternate)

Back Squat
100kg - x5
120kg - x4
130kg - x3

140kg - x2
150kg - x1
160kg - x1
87.5kg - 1 set x20

Snatch-Grip Stiff-Leg DL

60kg - x12
70kg - x10
80kg - x10


205kg - 2 sets x20

Morning Bodyweight - 83kg

Gonna experiment with pulling from the floor every other week, so with that comes another alternate squat day, which I did today.

Really enjoyed the SG-SLDL and will continue to incorporate it on the alternate workout. Can really fatigue the spinal erectors with some higher rep work. The plan is to really hammer the squat, RDL, SLDL & shrugs, while pulling from the floor a little less frequently. Hoping I can run this type of deal to get my deadup to the magic 500 that Ive been chasing.

Shrugs, I've been creeping these up slowly... +2.5kg every two workouts. They seem to be getting easier and easier. No doubt that I can currently do sets of 20 with 500lb... but Im gonna continue with the slow progression. I'll get there eventually.

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  1. You ever tried clean pulls or high pulls (only the snatch variation though)? I find they're useful for increasing your deadlift without the taxing element deadlifts have. Plus they make your traps h00ge