Monday, June 24, 2013

Training Log - Chins& Presses

Chins / Pull-ups

Bodyweight - 2 sets x10
Bodyweight+27.5kg - 3 sets x5,4,4  

Strict Press

83.5kg - 3 sets x4 


Bodyweight+20kg - 3 sets x9,9,8

Same weight/reps on presses this week, as it still felt difficult. Im sure a weekend of nothing but alcohol didnt help this very much. Next week i'll be looking to hit 5 reps on the first set. 

Chins & Dips are increasing without too much hassle. No surprise there. 

Diet has been solid lately, minus the occasional indulgences. Maintaining 180-185lb effortlessly. Actually had a damn low weigh-in saturday with 179.4lb.

Last week of training prior to a weeks vacation. Really looking forward to a break from work/home-life.

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