Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Training Log - 4 / 28 & 29 / 2014


20kg x30
60 x5
80 x4
100 x3
110 x2
125 x1
115 x8 (+2 Rep PR)
100 x10

BTN Press
20kg x20
60, 2x8
50, 2x10
40 x20

Flat DB Fly
42.5lb, 3x10
22.5lb, 2x20

25kg, 5x25


20kg x20
80 x5
100 x4
120 x3
140 x2
160 x1
125 x13 (+3 Rep PR)

Bw x9,8,8

T-Bar Rows
60kg, 3x12
40kg, 1x20

Db Shrugs
80lb x60,60,40

Rope Hammer Curls
20kg x25,20


  1. Hope you don't mind answering some general questions since you're confirmed alive.

    1. You've got a big bench. Any special tips on technique or do you just build the muskles?

    2. A lean 90kg seems big - I guess you are 5'11' or so - what do you think about genetic upper limits on your mass? How big do you think you could go?

    1. Indeed, I am ALIVE!

      1. I dont think my bench is very impressive. I do not have any special technique. I think it is important to do Strength work AND High reps to build mass. For instance, if you wanna do 5 work sets on the bench; do 2 heavy sets of 5, a set of 8, then 2 sets of 10+. This type of set-up has been working well for me lately.

      2. I wouldnt consider myself lean right now. Height is 5'-10". I own Casey Butts booklet on determining your individual genetic potential based on wrist/ankle measures. From what I can remember, my Top-end was around 180lb LBM, or 200lb @ 10% bf. Thats assuming one has great genetics for muscle building, which I do not. So maybe 170-175 LBM would be a better goal to shoot for. I estiamte myself at 165lb now.

  2. Cool thanks - now I am the one late posting.

    I have just swapped to a higher rep range on the bench and it does seem to have got it moving again.

    I guess you haunt all the same places on Reddit and the interwebs as people like me following the strength blogs. Have you tried Martin Berkhan style Reverse Pyramid Training, any opinion on it?