Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Training Log - 4/2/14

Bodyweight 87kg

Bench Press
20kg x20
60 x5
90 x4
110 x3
120 x2
130 x1
115 x6
100 x10

Band Good Morning

120kg x1
140 x1
160 x1
180 x1
200 x1
220 x1  (+10kg PR!)

Band Good Morning 

Bw 3x10

Dunno why I decided to do deadlift singles today. Probably out of laziness mostly (haha). Trying to tailor most of my training toward rep-work and back-off sets. Oh well. New All-time PR so I cant really Bitch too much. 

227kg / 500lbs is getting closer!

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