Monday, April 14, 2014

Training Log - 4/14/14

Bodyweight 90kg

BTN Press
20kg x15
40 x5
50 x4
60 x3
70 x2 
80 x1
85 x1
90 x1
60 x13 (PR!)

Band Good Morning

Deficit SLDL (standing on 25kg plate)
60kg x10
100 x10
125 x10 (PR!)

T-Bar Rows
40kg x20
50 x15
60 x10
50 x15
40 x20

Rope Tricep Ext. Superset with Rope Hammer Curls
15kg 2x30          //////////////        15kg 2x30

Finally hit my goal bodyweight of 90kg. The goal is now to maintain this weight, going for some long-term recomp. 

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