Saturday, May 4, 2013

Current Body-Comp / Progress

Had a low weigh-in this morning, 82.7kg (182lb), lean and dry. Fat-loss is going really well. I'll post up another comparison pic in a few weeks. 

Basically zero effort to maintain this bodyfat level. 


  1. Hi Joe, great blog and great progress. I have a question for you...

    How are you progressing your weights? I know on the DL you are going for x reps in x time, but how about the others? Do you have a planned out schedule, or just go by feel? Also, how to you regulate intensity? I would think with every day lfting your aim would be to keep all reps fast and avoid failure. Any insight you can give would be great. Thanks!


  2. Andy,

    I don't have a planned out schedule for increase weights. Weight / reps are added as often as possible. If I can complete all my sets (6x1, for example) at a given weight, I'll increase next session. How much weight I add, depends on the subjective difficulty, which I record in my training log-book.

    As far as intensity goes... I go full intensity every session. No light days. No deloads. I work as hard as I possibly can on that given day. I'll be posting a video later to back this up... did some really grindy squatting today.


  3. Dude, you train hard. I've decided to start grinding loads of reps out. Think I've been a busy for too long. You've got great strength and lean as hell- lean and jacked! Winning combo. Just wondered though if you ever drink alcohol ??

  4. Of course, I occasionally drink alcohol.