Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Training Log - Session #1

Back Squat
147.5kg – 5x5 PR!

Strict Press*
*Each rep: 3sec pause in overhead position, dead-stop in rack position
80kg – x5,5
85kg – x3,3,3
95kg – x1
97.5kg  x1
98.5kg  x1 PR!

Morning Bodyweight - 83.6kg

Took 3 days off due to some events and construction around the house that had to take priority. It felt horrible to skip training, but that's life. 

I'm back in the saddle after todays session. I was a bit nervous about how it would go, but it turned out better than expected. Two PRs! 

The squats were very very difficult. Probably the hardest squat session I've ever done. Anyway, it resulted in a PR, so I cant complain. I don't know how much more head-room I have with linear progression on the 5x5, but will keep trying to push the poundages up. 

Press is moving up slowly but surely. Small PR today, one step closer to 100kg. 


  1. Hi Joe,

    Have you ever had any problems with your neck doing strict press? I'm on injury #3. Shit has got to stop.

    1. No I've never had any issue. What specifically is going on with your neck?

    2. The injuries always occur when the bar is about chin level (as I'm pushing up). I feel a tweak go from the left side of my neck down through the left sides of my traps and lats. After that it's about 5-6 days of pain drugs before I'm good to go again.

      I believe the problem is how I move my neck out of the way of the bar. I have no desire to drop strict pressing, but this shit is annoying.

  2. You should be moving your head out of the path of the bar. I'm thinking you may have a trigger point in the upper trap/neck area. Get yourself a lacrosse ball and grind away.