Thursday, May 9, 2013

Training Log - Session #1

Back Squat
145kg – 5x5 PR!

Strict Press*
*Each rep: 3sec pause in overhead position, dead-stop in rack position
80kg – x5,5
85kg – x3,3,3
95kg – x1
97.5kg  x1 PR!
100kg  xFail

Morning Bodyweight - 83kg

Great session today. Reached another PR in the squat, which was damn tough to get. Totally kicked my ass. Got all my reps during the build-up phase of the press workout, plus a PR single. Went for a huge PR (and long standing goal) of 100kg, but it just wasn't there. Trust me, its coming soon. 

Stay tuned for a highlight reel from this weeks sessions, should be posted tonight.

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