Saturday, May 4, 2013

Training Log - Sessions #2 & #3

Session #2, Yesterday (5/3/2013)

Ring Pull-up / Chin-up
Bodyweight x20, 15, 8x10 (115 total reps)

Romanian Deadlift

100kg - x5
120kg - x5
130kg - x3
140kg - 3x3
143.5kg - 1x5 
145kg - 1x3 

Barbell Shrug

145kg - x20
190kg - 5x20 +straps

Some good lifting today. Felt strong during the RDL so jumped the weight up. Working weight next session will be 145kg. 

Session #3, Today (5/4/2013)

Flat Bench

116kg - 4x6 Volume PR

Pause Back Squat

150kg x1
152.5kg x1 
155kg x1     PR
157.5kg x1  Bigger PR
160kg x1     HUGE PR
152.5 x1     Backoff set

Morning Bodyweight - 82.7kg

Kick-ass session today with PRs all around. Really happy. Plus, another highlight vid. 


  1. Wow, I finally found someone who squats with a stance as close as mine. When I go any wider it hurts my knees, hips, and groin.

  2. Agreed. Seems to work best for me.