Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Training Log - Session #6

Flat Bench Press
136kg - 6x2 
115kg - 3x6

Ring Pull-Ups
Bodyweight x10
Bodyweight +20kg - 5x7 PR

Morning Bodyweight - 84kg

Energy levels were ass-low today. Not sure why. Took some extra coffee and got the workout done anyway. Doubles on bench were EASY, so i'll be increasing next session. Another Volume PR on Pull-ups. These are increasing incredibly fast. Booyah. Another one on the books. 


  1. Jamie's methods are pretty awesome, aren't they? I'm not as strong as you yet but they're still doing the trick in terms of progression. Funny how my body hasn't crumbled into dust from overtraining yet. Anyway thanks for posting your stuff, it's interesting to read.

  2. Thanks, man.

    Jamies methods have taught me a lot. Particularly, that I could handle WAY more than the 3x/week standard training.

    Sessions such as this one are a great reminder that you cannot always listen to your body. My body was telling me to skip this workout, lay on the couch, eat some extra food for recovery. I said, fuck that. Heres a tall glass of coffee... Lets go get some PRs.

  3. Nice. I actually think they should rename coffee to 'PR Fuel'.