Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Training Log - Session #6

Flat Bench Press
130kg - 3x3

Myo-Reps, 100kg x9 +2x3

Ring Pull-Ups
Bodyweight x10,6,4
Bodyweight +26kg - 5x5 PR

Morning Bodyweight - 82kg

Transitioning to 3x3 on the flat bench with Myo-Reps for the back-off work. Tried using a wide grip on back-off sets, which felt like complete shit, as you can tell by the shit performance. Will likely just use my standard close-grip next time. 

Small plate added to the chins for another PR. Bodyweight has been gradually dropping... gonna ride it out and see how lean I can get while still getting PRs and eating a ton of carbs. 

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