Sunday, May 5, 2013

Training Log - Session #4

BTN Strict Press

70kg – 2x5
80kg – 2x3
85kg – x1,1,1

Ring Dips

Bodyweight x10
Bodyweight +20kg – 5x8

Bodyweight – 83.2kg

Ok session today. Slight fatigue from the past few workouts, but still managed to improve my #'s over last session.

Dinner tonight

Pulled Pork BBQ, Steamed Peas and Perrier Lime

Had many plates of this. It was damn delicious. Completely blew my calories & macros. Sometimes you just gotta throw-down. 


  1. Your BTN press numbers are mental. Is this seated and on a smith machine or rack?

  2. Neither. It's standing with a barbell. Ill be posting footage at some point.