Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Training Log - Session #2

Ring Pull-up / Chin-up
100 total reps

Romanian Deadlift

100kg - x5
120kg - x5
140kg - x3 
147.5kg - 4x3
150kg - 1x3 New PR (+vid below)

Barbell Shrugs

195kg - 5x20 +straps

Morning Bodyweight - 84kg

Good session today. Took some extra coffee to really get into it. Quads sore as shit from squatting yesterday. 


  1. Hey joe, do you put any stock in assistance lifts like calves etc. or just focus on the big stuff. Thanks.

    1. Sure, they are good for bringing up weak areas. I just choose to do very little of it and seem to be getting by just fine.

      Undoubtedly, the majority of your efforts should be on the main lifts. Say 95%.

  2. Good to hear, appreciate the reply back. Thanks.