Friday, May 31, 2013

Training Log - Session #1

Back Squat
147.5kg – x2 
130kg - 2x5

Strict Press
82.5kg – x3,3
75kg - x5

Morning Bodyweight - 81.5kg

Total shit-show today. First off, I had a hell of a time dealing with my left piriformis. I always have to do some hip mobility before squats/deads, so I'm used to some discomfort during warm ups... but today the bitch would just not loosen up. Top set of squats @ 147.5 was supposed to be 5 reps, but after the 2nd rep, things were just feeling horrible, so I decided not to push it. Last thing I want is to pop something and completely fuck myself. So I dropped back ~10% and did 2x5 @ 130 which still felt awkward and much heavier than it should have. At this point I just said fuck-it. Chalk it up to a bad day. 

Nothing special on presses either. Just a 'meh' session. 

I think the last two squat /dead sessions really made an impact on my recovery, they were extremely difficult and left me exceptionally sore for much longer than usual. Especially in the spinal erectors. Gonna have to watch out for this in the future. 

Anyway I think a reset on squats is definitely in order. We'll see how deads go in the few days. Gonna have a bit of extra calories and carbs tonight in hopes of some extra recovery. 

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