Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Current Condition Photo / Training Log - Session #4

BTN Strict Press

70kg – 4x6

Ring Dips

Bodyweight x10
Bodyweight +20kg – 6x8  Volume PR
Bodyweight x10

Bodyweight – 82.9kg

Reasonably Lean

Low weigh-in this morning. Decided to change to a more volume oriented approach for BTN work, seeing as I haven't seen too much increase in the last 3 weeks doing triples/singles. We'll see how progress goes with that.

Nice PR on dips, I think its about time I added some weight, dropping back down to 6x5. 


  1. Wow man. Thats some insane progress. Looking pretty healthy. Maybe one day in my future i will too.

    1. Thanks Matt! Keep working hard in the gym and in the kitchen, you will get there.

  2. I like that you call that photo 'reasonably' lean.