Thursday, May 2, 2013

Training Log - Session #1

Back Squat
143.5kg – 5x5 PR

Strict Press*
*Each rep: 3sec pause in overhead position, dead-stop in rack position
80kg – x5,4
85kg – x3,3,3
93.5kg – x1,1,1

Bodyweight - 83.3kg

Arrived home late, pissed off about being stuck in traffic for 2-1/2 hours. Regardless, I had another really good session. Volume PR on the back squat. Completed all of the triples and singles on the Press, but missed the second set of 5. I cant complain. That's still a strong improvement over last session.

Really happy with the gains on my Press & Bench, but feeling now like I need to bring up my squat & dead. May have to consult with Jamie on this one. 

Just slammed a big ass meal. Nailed my macros today. Tired as fuck. Goodnite.


  1. Keep on updating the blog man.

    Following your progress all the way from Australia.