Sunday, May 12, 2013

Training Log - Session #2

Session #2, Yesterday (5/11/2013)

Ring Pull-up / Chin-up
Bodyweight x15, 15, 7x10 (100 total reps)

Romanian Deadlift

100kg - x5
120kg - x5
130kg - x3
140kg - x3 
145kg - 5x3  New PR

Barbell Shrug

145kg - x20
190kg - 3x20 +straps
195kg - 2x20 +straps

Morning Bodyweight - 84kg

RDLs are steadily increasing, 145kg wasnt even very difficult. Shrugs on the way up as well. Good things happening. 


  1. Is there any particular reason from Jamie why you do shrugs at such high reps, or is it just personal preference?

    I ask, because obviously Jamie loves his ultra heavy shrugs for lower reps (though I've seen him go for 8s and 10s here and there).

    Nice RDLs by the way, I can never get those to feel right. Even with 100kg it just feels like it's all lower back and fuck all hamstrings.

    1. I prefer to do sets of 10-20 on shrugs and that is what Jamie prescribed. So it was a win - win.

      RDLs can be tricky for some people to get right. My suggestion is to get a good OLY shoe with a solid heel and really concentrate on pushing the hips back as far as possible. You will feel a trememndous stretch in the glutes/hams.

    2. Much obliged, doing 5x20 on shrugs sounds like it would prevent me from doing anything overhead related or any sort of pull from the floor for the next 6 days but you obviously make it work, so maybe I should give it a shot.

      As for RDLs, yeah, I don't have oly shoes which probably is a major downside. Might try them with a small wooden block under my heels as a poor man's substitute.

      Keep the awesome content coming bro, loving your blog!

    3. Try it. You will likely be sore afterward... but dont treat that as an indicator to forego training. Go in and train again the next day, as normal. You will adapt and soreness will eventually become non-existant.

      Your body can handle much more than you're willing to dish-out. The key is overcoming the mental barrier.